FCC Bonfire Series Index

Algorithm Challenge Index

As the series continue, it may become hard to navigate to the solution you may be looking for. To ease this task, I’ve put together a algorithm challenge index where you’ll be able to easily pick the bonfire solution that you are interested in.

Free Code Camp tends to update quite often so, if you some across a name or bonfire that has changed at some point, let me know via comment or email and I will update it as soon as possible.

Basic Algorithm Scripting

  1. Meet Bonfire
  2. Reverse a String
  3. Factorialize a Number
  4. Check for Palindromes
  5. Find the Longest Word in a String
  6. Title Case a Sentence
  7. Return the Largest Numbers in Arrays
  8. Confirm the Ending
  9. Repeat a string repeat a string
  10. Truncate a string
  11. Chunky Monkey
  12. Slasher Flick
  13. Mutations
  14. Falsey Bouncer
  15. Seek and Destroy
  16. Where do I belong
  17. Caesars Cipher

Intermediate Front End Development Projects

  1. Build a Random Quote Machine with vanilla JavaScript or React.js
  2. Show the Local Weather with AngularJS or React.js
  3. Build a Wikipedia Viewer with React.js
  4. Use the Twitch.tv JSON API (Coming soon)

Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

  1. Sum All Numbers in a Range
  2. Diff Two Arrays
  3. Roman Numeral Converter
  4. Where art thou
  5. Search and Replace
  6. Pig Latin
  7. DNA Pairing
  8. Missing letters
  9. Boo who
  10. Sorted Union
  11. Convert HTML Entities
  12. Spinal Tap Case
  13. Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers
  14. Sum All Primes
  15. Smallest Common Multiple
  16. Finders Keepers
  17. Drop it
  18. Steamroller
  19. Binary Agents
  20. Everything Be True
  21. Arguments Optional

Advanced Algorithm Scripting

  1. Validate US Telephone Numbers
  2. Symmetric Difference
  3. Exact Change
  4. Inventory Update
  5. No repeats please
  6. Friendly Date Ranges
  7. Make a Person
  8. Map the Debris
  9. Pairwise

Advanced Front End Development Projects

  1. Build a JavaScript Calculator
  2. Build a Pomodoro Clock
  3. Build a Tic Tac Toe Game (Coming soon)
  4. Build a Simon Game (Coming soon)