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A tale of text editors and IDEs, the not-so-objective comparison

Let me get this straight and reiterate what the title says. This isn’t an objective comparison by no means, even if I’m trying my best so it actually resembles what an objective software comparison should be (spoiler: I won’t succeed). I also should make a note here, nobody pays me a dime here, so do not worry, this is as objective as my human brain can be -so probably not much.

With all that negativity out of the way, let’s get on topic. There’s TONS of awesome text editors and IDEs out there, but over the years, some of them stand out and rise above the others. Today, I’ll be presenting three of my favourite text editors, so that you, as a newbie or experienced developer, may choose to try them out and decide for yourself -the only actual way of finding out what really works for you.

Bear in mind, that this is directed at front and back-end developers working with JavaScript, HTML and CSS (and their wonderful variety of frameworks) and may not work out for a C or Ruby dev.