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Build a wikipedia viewer with React, Babel and Webpack

Build a Wikipedia Viewer | The React Way

Today, we are going to build a Wikipedia viewer using React and Webpack in tandem. If you are not familiar with React at all, I recommend that you go through the introductory material first, it’ll save you a headache!

Additionally, we are going to be using ES6 class syntax for creating components, as this is the way React is heading towards. The previous tutorial in this series goes into more detail, so go ahead and take a look if you’d like. Let’s get our hands dirty then…

FCC Zipline Series 102: Build a Random Quote Machine | The JS Way

This time, we are going to be building a Random Quote Machine. We must code a page that replicates the functionalities present here. The user stories that we must fulfil are the following:

  • As a user, I can click a button to show me a new random quote.
  • Bonus: As a user, I can press a button to tweet out a quote.

I’m going to take you through the process of setting up the JS code necessary for this app to work. If you want to give React a chance, go ahead and visit this other post, where we’ll build this same app using Facebook’s React framework.

Sass. What is it? Why should I learn it?

Sass, or Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets. You may have heard about Sass or Less before. They are both extensions of CSS that add power and organization to stylesheets. Anything that you write in Sass get’s compiled to perfectly valid CSS.

Sass code comes in two flavors, an older  -just- “Sass” that uses indentation and no curly braces, and the newer, more awesome SCSS (Sassy CSS). Today, we’ll be taking a look at the latter.

But first and foremost, why should you care?