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Build a wikipedia viewer with React, Babel and Webpack

Build a Wikipedia Viewer | The React Way

Today, we are going to build a Wikipedia viewer using React and Webpack in tandem. If you are not familiar with React at all, I recommend that you go through the introductory material¬†first, it’ll save you a headache!

Additionally, we are going to be using ES6 class syntax for creating components, as this is the way React is heading towards. The previous tutorial in this series goes into more detail, so go ahead and take a look if you’d like. Let’s get our hands dirty then…

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Build a weather app with AngularJS

FCC Zipline Series 105: Weather App | The Angular Way

We’ll be building a weather app this time around; this project will serve as a nice introduction to a language that has been embraced by Angular 2, and can prove to be tremendously powerful: TypeScript.

You may have heard of TypeScript before, it’s merely a superset of JavaScript (it get’s compiled to plain JavaScript), but provides us with tools only available to ECMAScript 6 and beyond right now (such as classes!).

It also gives us strong typing, a feature that JavaScript lacks and can prove to be a lifesaver. We are going to take it slow and introduce TypeScript features as we along. If you want to get a feel for TypeScript before we get started, go ahead and take a look at the documentation. If you hate AngularJS, TypeScript or strong typing, stay tuned, a ReactJS + JSX version of this tutorial will come along shortly can be found here.