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Build a weather app with AngularJS

FCC Zipline Series 105: Weather App | The Angular Way

We’ll be building a weather app this time around; this project will serve as a nice introduction to a language that has been embraced by Angular 2, and can prove to be tremendously powerful: TypeScript.

You may have heard of TypeScript before, it’s merely a superset of JavaScript (it get’s compiled to plain JavaScript), but provides us with tools only available to ECMAScript 6 and beyond right now (such as classes!).

It also gives us strong typing, a feature that JavaScript lacks and can prove to be a lifesaver. We are going to take it slow and introduce TypeScript features as we along. If you want to get a feel for TypeScript before we get started, go ahead and take a look at the documentation. If you hate AngularJS, TypeScript or strong typing, stay tuned, a ReactJS + JSX version of this tutorial will come along shortly can be found here.